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MYSTERIES & MUSIC: Daniel Elton Harmon is back "on tour"—this time adding historical mystery story readings to his traditional folk ballad bag. . . .



The Illustrated Harper & MacTavish Reader NEW!

Two 19th-Century South Carolina crime reporters—Harper of The Challenge in Columbia and MacTavish of The Evening Crier in Spartanburg—often hit upon clues and solutions missed by the police. This quarterly e-magazette features adventures of the two writer-sleuths plus reprints of vintage mystery stories by classic authors of the era. Bonuses: factual nuggets of criminal history, interesting bits of South Caroliniana—and never-before-published Harper and MacTavish episodes presented in weekly "cliffhanger" format!

The Hornpipe: Folk Music in the Southern Regions

One of the earliest folk music resources on the Net, The Hornpipe covers venues, musicians & instrument makers across the southern half of the United States, from Dover to N'Awlins to San Diego.


The Hornpipe Guide to Bed & Breakfasts & Historic Inns

Our North American lodging guide—among the oldest B&B directories on the Internet—lists hundreds of venues!


Blithering Spiffy Pages

A diverse treasury of Web sites hosted by Hornpipe Vintage Publications.

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